Structure and bodies


Menschen für Menschen is politically and denominationally neutral and economically independent. We have independent subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and Belgium. The country organizations raise funds independently of one another and carry out information and public relations work in their own country. Funds from all three countries flow into the project work in Ethiopia, which is conducted under the sole auspices of the German Foundation.

The central Project Coordination Office (PCO) in Addis Ababa is responsible for the implementation and supervision of all projects in the project regions. In formal terms the Ethiopian organization is a permanent business establishment of the German Foundation.

The head office of the German Menschen für Menschen Foundation is located in Munich. A total of 25 employees work here in the Executive Board, Fundraising & Communications, Development cooperation, Purchasing and Logistics, Donor Support, Finances and IT.

Development agent Habtamu Bacha in the village of Hudad, Asagirt project area, engaged in his daily work with the farmers.

In Ethiopia we have a workforce of around 600, all of them are Ethiopians.


In Germany about 500 voluntary workers additionally support our activities in various cities. This has proved to be the most effective way of achieving maximum aid for the people of Ethiopia with the lowest possible costs for administration and fundraising


The Executive Board


The Executive Board conducts business, manages the Foundation’s assets and ensures that the latter’s tasks are performed as efficiently as possible. The Executive Board consists of three members, appointed by the Supervisory Board. New members are elected by the Executive Board (co-optation). Their appointment requires the consent of the Supervisory Board. The Foundation points out that the law firm of one of the board members of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation advises in legal matters; this business relationship was examined by the Supervisory Board as the supervisory body and expressly sanctioned.


Members of the Executive Board:
Dr. Sebastian Brandis (Spokesman) and Benjamin Freiberg.


The Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board ensures that the Foundation acts according to the will of the founder and advises the Executive Board in all fundamental matters. It consists of six members. The members of the Supervisory Board serve in an honorary capacity.

Members of the Supervisory Board:
Dr. Ingrid Sollerer (chairwoman), Dr. Annette Bhagwati (vice-chairwoman), Dietmar Krieger, Prof. Dr. Matthias Siebeck and Peter Schwarzenbauer.


Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees was set up by the Supervisory Board. It advises the Executive Board and Supervisory Board in fundamental matters concerning the purpose of the foundation. It also establishes contacts and solicits donations and bequests. The Board of Trustees consists of eight members, each of them appointed by the Supervisory Board for a five year term. The members of the Board of Trustees serve in an honorary capacity.

Members of the Board of Trustees:
Dirk Kasten (chairman), Gunther Beger, Ralf Bos, Joachim Gröger, Dr. Claas Dieter Knoop, Harald Spiegel and Wolfgang Tiefensee.


Compliance Supervisor


The Compliance Officer Regina Sieh ensures that the foundation carries out its activities in compliance with laws and regulations, that high ethical standards are maintained in all areas, and that unlawful behavior – both within the organization and in its relations with third parties – is prevented. The activity is honorary; proven expenses are reimbursed.

Regina Sieh, Senior Public Prosecutor at the Munich General Prosecutor’s Office, succeeded Karl Peter Puszkajler, retired Presiding Judge at the Munich Higher Regional Court, in her role as Compliance Officer in 2016. Puszkajler served as Compliance Officer for Menschen für Menschen from 2014 to mid-2016. Puszkajler continues to support Sieh in ensuring compliance with the relevant standards in the coordination office in Addis Ababa and in the project areas in Ethiopia.


Data Protection Supervisor


The data protection supervisor advises the Foundation and its full-time and voluntary employees on data protection issues. A focus is placed on the manner in which personal data is handled. For his work the data protection supervisor receives a small monthly remuneration.

Data Protection Supervisor:
Dr. Georg F. Schröder

The Menschen für Menschen Foundation - Karlheinz Böhms Ethiopia Aid is a public foundation under civil law. It is registered with the Munich tax office under the tax number 143/235/72144 and was last exempted from corporation and trade tax by decision of 11th June 2018 for the promotion of tax-privileged purposes and thus recognised as a non-profit organisation.