Our projects


Running and completed project areas


In currently ten project areas in rural Ethiopia, Menschen für Menschen supports children, women and men in their self-development. We have already completed fourteen project areas, true to our goal of making ourselves superfluous after a certain period of time. Find out here where the project areas are located and why it is and was so important to help there.

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Individual projects


Learn about our individual projects: in our children’s home Abdii Borii, which translates to „hope for tomorrow“, we give abandoned children comfort and security. Many of the former Abdii Borii children get a technical education in our Agro-Technical Training College (ATTC), one of the outstanding technological centers in Ethiopia.

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Our achievements


Over six million Ethiopians in eleven active and eight phased out project areas, extending over an area of more than 50,000 square kilometres, are today benefitting from our measures. Accordingly impressive are our successes.

The Menschen für Menschen Foundation - Karlheinz Böhms Ethiopia Aid is a public foundation under civil law. It is registered with the Munich tax office under the tax number 143/235/72144 and was last exempted from corporation and trade tax by decision of 11th June 2018 for the promotion of tax-privileged purposes and thus recognised as a non-profit organisation.